Who we are.

Competitive Velocity is a cost-effective business consulting and public relations firm specializing in helping technology businesses to grow through the use of competitive intelligence, market planning and segmentation and effective product messaging and product positioning. 

We help companies adopt a strategic approach for the use of competitive intelligence and analysis and incorporate the overall intelligence function as an integral part of strategy formulation for sales, marketing and public relations. Our firm works with companies from startup to 200+ employees and up to $200 million in sales. By focusing on providing comprehensive competitive intelligence and analysis services, market and product planning and support, and national and internationally-focused public relations efforts, we are the perfect partner for companies seeking to fill a short-term business objective or project management need or for organizations seeking a long-term extension of their internal team and resources. 

What we do.

We build and execute public relations strategies based on a comprehensive understanding of a business or industry's competitive landscape and identifiable competitive advantages. We coach business owners and senior management staff, provide outsourced project management, support teams in understanding, obtaining and maintaining compliance standards and issues, we provide full-service public relations, design business plans to aid in raising capital and to help build long term strategy, we also develop competitive sales strategies, marketing strategy, product development plans and craft comprehensive marketing and media plans based on competitive intel to help businesses better understand their competitive landscape and surpass their competition. 

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com·pet·i·tive [kəmpetətiv] ve·loc·i·ty [vuh-los-i-tee]
1. The speed at which your business surpasses the competition.
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Competitive Analysis & Market Landscaping
Public/Media Relations (national & international)
Technology Product Marketing/Product Positioning
Go-to-Market Planning and Strategy
Business Planning
Market Segmentation
Product and Project Management
Product Development
Corporate and Product Branding and Brand Management
Communication and Content Creation
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Plans
Media Buying
Whitepapers, Articles, Corporate Briefs, Case Studies

    Variety Magazine
    Nikke News Japan
    LA Times
    The Hollywood Reporter
    The LA Business Journal
    Mercury News
    Crain's Business New York
    CNET News
    Wired Magazine
    Computer World Magazine
Notable Media Placements.

    MSNBC News
    Business Week
    Forbes Magazine
    Associated Press
    CBS MarketWatch
    NY Times
    MTV News
    Wall Street Journal
    Washington Post
    The Boston Globe